Ursula French

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IC Information

Longtime resident of Diagon Alley and owner of Illuminations Tearooms

First Impressions

An old hippie whoes forgetful but is nurturing and is often found giving motherly advice to anyone who needs it.

Publicly Known History

Runs Illuminations Tearooms and gives tea leaf readings. Ursula spent a lot of her years in a commune with other Divination witches and wizards. She's open about how she's experimented with potions and substances.

Is now seen as part of the furniture in Diagon Alley and offers motherly advice to anyone who needs it. Regardless of status.

Connections and Allies

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Theme Music

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  • Purple Haze - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  • Sunshine of Your Love-Cream


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  • Gran is lovely and anyone who messes with her is likely going to get in trouble.


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OOC Information

This character is an NPC portrayed by Keeper of Oddities