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Core Book

Below are some basic facts about Vampires in Vampire: the Masquerade that are relevant to the HBN game.

  • Vampires can Frenzy. This is a complete lack of control, brought on by hunger, the sight or smell of blood, humiliation, or fear.
  • A Fear frenzy is called Rötschreck, and can be triggered by sunlight, or fire.
  • Vampires take minimal damage from brawling, or melee weapons, and heal it quickly.
  • Sunlight and fire do severe (aggravated) damage, that heals very slowly (almost human slow), requiring a lot of blood.
  • A vampire's senses (sight, hearing, smell) are no different from a mortal human, unless they are actively using Heightened Senses (Auspex 1). Therefore, they can't naturally smell the difference between a human, garou, or changeling, or hear a whisper from across a room, or see things far away.
  • A wooden stake in the heart immobilises a Vampire, but doesn’t kill it.
  • A vampire's fangs are not always showing, and 'drop' when they want to feed, or threaten someone.
  • A vampire's bite induces The Kiss, which is a wholly pleasurable experience to mortals, much like sex.
  • Feeding, for vampires, fulfils the same pleasures as sex.
  • A vampire doesn't need to kill to feed, they can take as little or as much as they like.
  • A vampire's saliva will heal the wounds made by their fangs.
  • A vampire may 'burn blood' to give their body the blush of life (which includes making it possible to have sex with mortals, or each other - though remember, pleasure centres are based around feeding).
  • Unless noted otherwise, all vampires have reflections.
  • A vampire may not eat/drink anything but blood. If they do, they throw it up violently immediately. They may prevent this immediate purging by an act of will (spending a willpower point), which allows them to throw up later (end of scene). All food/drink not blood tastes like ash to Vampires.
  • Changling blood is like LSD.
  • Garou blood is like PCP.
  • Wizard blood is like a really good wine.
  • Blood may also be 'burned' to increase strength or other physical characteristics for a scene.
  • Sabbat follow the Code of Milan.
  • Camarilla follow the Traditions which include The Masquerade.
  • Sabbat and Camarilla traditionally don't get along, much like the Montagues and Capulets (from Romeo and Juliet).

More to come as they are discovered to be relevant. :)