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Vampire Character Sheet

Basic Information
Mortal Birth Name:
Character’s Current Name:
Real Age & DoB:
Country and City of Birth:
Residence: Paris, France
Literary Crossover (Yes/No):
LC (Name of Book or Movie):
Vampiric Lineage (optional):

Vampiric Background
Keep in mind that Paris is a Sabbat held city.
Date of Embrace:
Apparent Age:
Sect (sabbat, camarilla, independent):
Sabbat Path: Path of Humanity (default) [delete this line if you are not sabbat]
NPC Ghouls:
List your 3 In-Clan Disciplines:
Out-of-Clan Discipline (non Giovanni only): (capped at 2, limited list only. See above)
Giovanni: Primary Path (capped at level 5):
Giovanni: Secondary Path (capped at level 3):
Giovanni: Ritual Names and Details of what they do:
Natural Abilities/Affinities:
Mundane & Magical Strengths:
Mundane & Magical Weaknesses (include Clan weakness):
Unusual abilities or possessions:

Detailed Profile
(give as much information as possible; the more the better. Information you wish to keep secret can be sent privately to the Guardians)
What is the concept for your character?
Detailed Personality:
Detailed Appearance:
Location of Home & How you travel to/from it:
How do you feed and Survive the Night?:
IC Goals (thoughtful short-term and long-term goals):
What is your character doing now to work toward their goals?
What is something your character wants but does not have?
Do you have any Character Ties Established?:

History (please be thorough but concise; aim for 300-1000 words):

Info for the Guardians
Player Name/Nickname:
Are you (the player) over the age of 18?:
What other characters do you play in our game?
What sort of story would you like to tell with this character?
Is there a part of your history you would like to explore in the future?:

Helpful Notes

  • If you make character ties, PC or NPC, get the player or keeper to comment on your sheet when posted to show they agree.