Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

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More commonly known simply as Wizard Wheezes since the Weasley name doesn't hold any respect in current times this shop is still the greatest and most inventive supplier of jokes, toys, games and fun in the Wizarding World. More than that the store also keeps a supply of pet treats and food, along with a small selection of cheap out-of-date educational books which they primarily aim to the children of outcast families.

It it owned and run by George and Angelina Weasley who are both known to have fought on the loosing side of the Battle of Hogwarts.
Despite the fact that both served and finished their sentances in Azkaban, many of the more elite pureblood families that fought on the winning side still work to deny their children and friends from shipping at the store. The fact that the Headmistress at Hogwart's also banned their products has made business difficult but they still stubbornly keep going.
Even so, their products still show up at Hogwart's even so with no indication at all about how they got there.

The shop itself was forced to move from its original location (now owned by Borgin and Burkes) to the corner of Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley. Its entrance opens onto Diagon Alley however meaning that it still clings to the noted address, if barely.

Among the literally dozens of different products uniquely designed and stocked by the store are several noted ranges: Explosive Enterprises (an impressively diverse array of fireworks), Skiving Snackboxes (sweets engineered to make the eater appear ill) and WonderWitch (a selection of products specifically aimed towards young witches, including patented daydream charms and love potions).