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Core Book

REMINDER : London is currently on hiatus, and adult witches/wizards are currently not being approved for play. Students at Hogwarts are still welcome.

Creation Rules for The Wizarding World

We are using a fan-made NPC Staff of Hogwarts Professors in our game. Founder Descendants of the Pure Blood families are welcome in our game to help give it a more 'traditional' feel. Hogwarts students are considered to be a part of a year-round boarding school.

The outcome of this is that Hogwarts is effectively its own venue, separate from the Wizarding World in general. This means players can have both a Wizarding Adult character and a Hogwarts Student character (following the normal rules for having multiple characters, meaning that they can travel when appropriate but must not be involved with each other).

All Magical World Characters

  • We highly encourage pure bloods in our game. If you are playing a Muggle-Born (who was alive during the battle of hogwarts) you will need to provide in your history how you avoided being killed during and shortly after the 2nd Great Wizarding War.
  • Whether adult or child, please remember that Hogwarts is secure! Getting in or out without permission should be difficult and ultimately impossible.
  • Squibs are considered Muggles in our game. This is due to hiding from being executed in the 2nd Wizarding World.
  • The Unforgivable Curses and other methods of murder are ILLEGAL, if you get caught using them you will be sent to Azkaban Prison!
  • Wizards know very little about ‘Dark Creature’ or 'Call of Cthulhu' societies. DADA only teaches the basics per the Ministries Agreement with the Supernaturals.
  • Wandless magic does not exist in our setting. All spells require a wand (Only exception are CoC spells which cannot be used by Wizards and are considered unimportant).
  • Being embraced by a Vampire will cause Wizards and Witches to lose their magic; the same goes for being 'ghouled' as you cannot have both magic and vampiric abilities at the same time. Blood bonds do not remove magic (enter one at your own risk however).
  • Male Vampires who have been embraced 20 years or less can have a chance to father a half-vampire child. Should a female witch and a young male vampire have a child, it is a half-vampire (Dhampyr are the Vampire venue equivalent). It has all the powers of the witch mother, and only some cosmetic similarities to the father. Perhaps pale skin, small useless fangs, an aversion to sunlight, the tendencies of the father's clan, etc.

Hogwarts Characters

  • In order to focus more on student RP we are currently not accepting Professor Characters. This may change in time as characters graduate or the RP population increases within Hogwarts. You may still attend classes and there will be NPC Professors to interact with.
  • All students start at year 3 or higher. This allows access immediately to Hogsmeade Village and a wider selection of subjects (such as Care of Magical Creatures & Divination) for all characters. We recommend starting characters between the 3rd and 5th year.
  • Students cannot use magic outside of school. Depending on the severity and context of the situation students can be expelled from school.
  • Electronics do not work in or around Hogwarts, students will need to wait until Hogsmeade weekends to use such devices.
  • Squibs are not permitted into Hogwarts and remain ‘Muggles’ in current Wizarding Society.
  • Students will never be allowed into 'adult' threads (even if they are played by an adult), forums or posts. You cannot do to a child character what is illegal to do to a real child outside of game.

Unusual bloodlines and Afflictions

Half-Veela, Half-Giants & Half-Vampires all exist and are permitted.
By the terms of play these differences are almost entirely aesthetic and for roleplay purposes, they have no effect on your magical abilities (though you can note some on your sheet, balanced as normal).

Afflicted werewolves are a sad reality in the Wizarding World (Remus Lupin being the most famous in recent times). Such characters are cursed to change during the full moon and possess no free will or self-control during that time (unless they imbibe monthly doses of wolfsbane potion). Wizards afflicted in this way are allowed but will be more strictly considered during approval and monitored during play.

NOTE: Half-Vampire's are not to be confused with Dhampyr's. Refer to the VtM venues for those. The Wizarding world may consider them the same (and there are similarities of birth) but their powers and interactions vary immensely and no Vampire would consider a Half-Vampire as anything but disdainful and impure.

Wizard Spell & Potion Knowledge (Levels)

Please visit Wizard Spell & Potion Knowledge

Common Mistakes:

  • The Trace is not strongly monitored around wizarding homes as the Ministry trusts magical parents to properly discipline their children if they perform magic due to the fact that the parents' own magic will constantly interfere with the Trace.
  • Not all Wizards know how to conjure a Patronus. It is a college level magic and few wizards bother as it is a difficult spell and you don't see a dementor every day.
  • Felix Felicis is an incredibly difficult potion to brew (taking longer than six months to brew) and an exceptionally costly one at that (requiring Occamy shells to make). Due to its difficulty, do not be surprised if a Keeper decides it was misbrewed causing bad luck! Because of the way the potion works, drinking it puts you almost entirely in the hands of the Keeper.
  • Practise Snitches that lack sense memories exist and are used in practise one students have the basic concepts down.

Wizarding World Character Sheets

Remember that Adult Wizards & Hogwarts Students are separate venues with their own sheets.

Helpful Notes

  • Use [this] to check your students year/age. Simple set the 'Date in Past to Calculate Your Age On' section to the 1st of September for the year in question.
  • If you make character ties, PC or NPC, get the player or keeper to comment on your sheet when posted to show they agree.
  • Magical World Characters live in the United Kingdom (London & Hogwarts respectively), but can travel the greater world for short periods with reason.
  • Playing a canon character is an option, but remember that we are telling new stories. If you and your friend want to play Albus and Scorpius, don’t tell us the story we read in Cursed Child; play through the things that didn’t make it into the book!
  • Animagi are rare, Metamorphagi are even rarer.
  • If you already have a character in the game, please have a thought about how to avoid having the same friends/contacts/enemies. We request that you avoid cross-relationships with other characters your primary character knows to prevent meta-gaming and COI.
  • Make sure you really think about your history and goals, this helps the Guardians with any storytelling in the future.