Yuliana 'lexie' Aleksandrina

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IC Information

Everyone calls her Lexie. She doesn't often share her real name.

Detailed Appearance

Impossibly attractive with the moon-bright skin and white-gold hair which fans out behind her even when there isn't any wind.
She is roughly 5'7"-5'8" tall, a little over 170cm.

She tends to wear fairly plain clothes which do nothing to reduce her beauty and often she'll try to cover herself up with a cloak when in public to avoid being stared at.

Lexie doesn't look too different from other Veela to human eyes since they tend to struggle to see past the overall beauty to notice the little details.

First Impressions

The most beautiful woman you have ever met, perhaps even impossibly so.
Her first reaction when meeting new people is almost always to smile and when she looks at you her attention is solely on your eyes.

Publicly Known History

Little is known, as with most people who spend the majority of their time around Knockturn Alley she keeps to herself for the most part.
She lives close by and keeps Puffskiens as pets. Occasionally she'll wander up to Wizard Wheezes to buy feed.


Those who know of the Big Easy and its location know that she works there and even occasionally sings.
They also know that she is a purebred Veela as she doesn't hide it while at work. Most of the regulars have adjusted to her looks and power but newcomers still fall for her on a fairly regular basis, something she rarely takes advantage of. While normally sweet and friendly, she does have a temper.
Those that have been going to the Big Easy for several years or have engaged her in conversation (she is always happy to listen or chat) know she came to Britain less than two years ago.

Common Hangouts

Her home, Knockturn Alley & the Big Easy.

Connections and Allies

(friends, allies, enemies, whatever)

  • Mum - Close friend, family and boss.
  • George Weasley - Lexie is a regular customer at his shop. The two flirt and his wife doesn't mind.
  • Hayley Marshall - Potential new friend.

Theme Music

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OOC Information

This character is an PC played by Liz