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NPC Character This character is an NPC (Non-Player Character). If you need to obtain information about this character, please contact the Guardian listed on the page below.

IC Information

Dreamer with a habit of bumping into Arthur and Aleksandr. Has a bit of a sailors mouth and isn't afraid to mince her words. Will stick by those that are loyal to her, has no clue about her mother being close to Mynoghra.

First Impressions

Welsh, feisty with a curious streak that gets her into trouble. Has some tricks up her sleeve. Able to use dreaming skill rather well which is handy in certain situations.

Publicly Known History

Not much is known of her 'publicly'. Other than in the waking world she resides in lovecraft country.

Connections and Allies

(friends, allies, enemies, whatever)


(these should be based on IC events, not OOC jokes)


(things said in game)

  • "So yeah. Nebi. He is a dick. "

OOC Information

This character is an NPC portrayed by Keeper of Chaos