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Core Book

In an age long gone, mortals dethroned the gods and seized the heavens for their own. And for it, they were flung down into the world of clay, their minds clouded by ignorance. Only a bare few remember their birthright -- the power of magic. If they cannot claim the heavens, they will make their own kingdoms on Earth.



Creation Rules for The Wizarding World

The Wizarding World venue is for adult wizarding character, if you were planning to make a student character at Hogwarts then click here. The venue is focused around the city of London.

The Magical World in the current day

Following the defeat of Voldemort and the end of the second wizarding war, Wizardingkind sought to return things to as they were while also attempting to make up for suffering caused in the war itself. Over the years things progressed with muggle-borns returning to Hogwarts and seats on the International Confederation of Wizardy bring offered to representatives of other supernatural groups. For awhile things were looking good, despite the attempted actions of a few remaining dark sympathisers. As the atrocities of the war are forgotten, so are the lessons learnt however. Old views and prejudices return to light, spurred on by difficulties with certain supernatural groups and the voices of the pureblood families.

Famous Witches and Wizards

Hermoine Granger-Weasley was recently appointed the new British Minister of Magic, giving a renewed voice to those wanting to oppose the old prejudices. Helping her to this end is of course Harry Potter, the most famous wizard perhaps in history.

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