Greengrass Flat

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In central London, not too far from the offices of the Ministry of Magic, is a small building of flats that hasn’t been overtake yet by skyscrapers.

It’s only nine stories high, but that’s enough so that it’s room rests above many of the buildings around it. Each flat within is two bedrooms, with a front facing window, and access to the rear fire escape stairs. Inside they’re long and thin, and just a little dark in the middle.

Osbert doesn’t have one of these flats. He has what was once a collections of storage rooms on the roof.

He likes it, though. He has a big bedroom with a big bed, that has a long window looking out onto the rooftop, and to the container garden he’s created there. Off the bedroom to the back is the bathroom. To to side, following around at right angles so that the garden has become a courtyard of sorts, is the living room and kitchen. This room is only about as large as the bedroom, with the kitchen running along one wall.

The living room has sliding doors, though, that open into the garden area, with a little patio with somewhere to sit, and the aviary right there, so he can hear his birds.