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Real Life Comes First, Always! A Community built upon Respect, Creativity and Friendship!


Cthulhu Mythos

We are a Collaborative [beginner to advanced player] message board based Role-Playing game where you work with others to help tell creative stories in a unique and inspiring world. You do not need to have knowledge of The Magical World, Old World of Darkness, or Call of Cthulhu to play. Your characters will learn along the way with you! Our number one rule is Real Life First, post as much or as little as you like. We aren't going anywhere. ~ HBN Admin/Owner

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Charity Drive!

Please read about HBN donating to LUMOS! Blog post is found here:

Characters Needed

  • List of Current Player Characters.
  • Hogwarts Students <all types>. We would like to build up our student body and get plot/scenarios running inspired by Bubblegumshoe.
    • Current Players: Thinking of having another character for the game? Please consider a Hogwarts Student. Characters auto start at year 3 or higher to give access to Hogsmeade immediately in game and Hogwarts is now a year-round school so no need to worry about 'summer holidays' and the 'no parent' situation. Come show the castle some love!
  • Call of Cthulhu Characters (Investigators and Cultists) - Ftaghn!
  • Vampires for Paris, Sabbat preferred, please discuss other before beginning char creation.
  • London “anything goes” PCs.

From the Wiki Team


Welcome to the new HBN Website & Wiki!

A wiki is not simply an online encyclopedia. It is a dynamic, living document, built to evolve with the needs of its users while maintaining a record of the past.

HBN's Wiki is no different. While role playing games are based upon published history and materials, the stories themselves are forged by the imaginations of the players and storytellers. This wiki is where we publish and share our part in the grand tales.

As wikis are built to evolve, there are a few changes from the last iteration of this resource that you should note:

  • The focus of the wiki is user generated content, such as character pages, and IC event pages. As such, rules and descriptive text published in White Wolf books will be kept at a minimum.
  • In order to prevent spam, members will log in and register before being allowed to edit this wiki. If you do not have an approved character in our game, you will not get an invite to use the wiki.

We hope these changes will streamline and enhance your experience as a member. Suggestions and issues should be sent to our Guardians. Have fun!

Toy Soldiers Unite!
Toy Soldiers Unite!
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