The Augurey

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The future is yours to make - For Voldemort and Valor.
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IC Information

Minister of Magic. Voldemort's right hand.

Detailed Appearance

She has pale skin and silvery hair, though the tips are purple. Overall the effect is beautiful and unique.
Most surprisingly, she is far younger than expected - though some may suspect magic.

First Impressions

Her gaze is both intelligent and fierce, her composure older than she looks, her attitude professional and her aura of power indisputable.
The only question is how much magical ability does she command and how much of a risk you'll dare take to find out?

Publicly Known History

Voldemort's most devout follower. The Augurey is a strict Minister.

Anyone working at the Ministry will be aware of her reputation for being ruthlessly intelligent. She is also known to have a fierce temper when things do not go the way she intended, being more than capable of lashing out or even killing those reponsible.

The name she goes by is taken from that of a magical bird, also known as the irish phoenix, said to foretell death with its cry.
Banners depiting the bird adorn the Ministry in her honour.

Common Hangouts

The Ministry.

Connections and Allies

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Theme Music

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  • She is second only to Voldemort himself in magical power and dueling skill.
  • The Dark Lord tolerates closeness and even light physical contact from her.


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OOC Information

This character is an NPC controlled by Keeper of Illusions