Victoire Weasley

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IC Information

Animagus Form: Otter

Detailed Appearance

Vic has been described as "very good looking" call it her Veela heritage. But Vic is toned and tall, while she is a Weasley she sports long blonde hair and blue eyes, unlike her red-haired family members. With pale skin and a few freckles that are very light, on the base of the right side of her neck she has some freckles that form the Taurus constellation She is stylish but not the point that she is snobbish about it. Vic just likes to look nice.

First Impressions

Because of looks and what she wears, Vic sometimes gets pegged as being a snob.
She is however far from that and is actually quite friendly. She just doesn't trust easily and it takes her a while to let people in if you are not family and a few select friends.

Publicly Known History

Victoire has only recently come to London after growing up elsewhere.


Known Hangouts

Wizard Wheeze's, the shop owned by her uncle. Located on the corner of Diagon & Knockturn Alley, with the entrance facing into the former.

Connections and Allies

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Theme Music

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OOC Information

This character is portrayed by Sarah.
Victoire is a canon character that was grandfathered in from a previous HBN system and is thus a special exception from the rules on playing canon characters and being members of the Weasley family.